A growing variety of financing options are available for financing a lighting replacement program. When choosing one of these options, you will pay off your purchase as you realize the savings from your reduced electricity consumption.

Cash Flow Positive

Energy efficiency will save you money year after year. We have financing options that can get you started. 95% of all LED lighting projects can be structured to be cash flow positive, meaning that your monthly lease/loan payment is less than your energy savings! Our financing options allow you to go green with little money out-of-pocket.

Using Energy Savings to Offset Cost of Installation

As businesses begin to consider lighting upgrades as a means of improving their building energy efficiency, budget constraints are often viewed as an obstacle for many energy improvement project financing.

The good news is that the energy savings generated with a lighting replacement program will often completely offset the cost of the lighting improvement project.

We have partnered with GFC Leasing to provide fast, reliable financing options online.  Apply Today and we will provide you with a short list of financing options to help make your lighting improvement project a reality.


  • 100% financing for equipment AND installation
  • Eliminate upfront costs and budget restrictions
  • Cash-flow positive monthly payment structures
  • Include multiple energy saving measures
  • Pay for equipment through energy savings


  • Commercial financing with terms from 2 to 5 years
  • Customized payment schedules, progress payments
  • Equipment Lease Finance Agreements

Financing Options


Qualified Products:

  • Outdoor Area Lighting (Street Lights, Wallpacks, Floods, Bollards)
  • Parking Lot and Parking Garage Lighting
  • Gas Station Canopy Lighting
  • Decorative Post-Top Lighting
  • High Bay Lighting, Billboard Lighting, Indoor Tennis courts

GFC Leasing, the financing company can create a lease that combines the lighting and the labor the contractor provides into one simple lease for you thus providing you an affordable way to get the project completed and save money.



GFC Leasing Program features:

  • No application fees, No document fees, No early termination fees.
  • Early Payoff Freedom – Pay the financing off early without penalty or unearned interest being charged.
  • We provide local servicing in Madison WI and we never sell our leases to a 3rd party.
  • The quote is subject to credit and equipment approval & the following criteria:
  • Monthly payments are based on $1 buyout purchase option lease.
  • Security deposit required at lease signing equal to 1 month’s regular payment.
  • Payments are exclusive of sales tax if required

Special Financing Options – No Payments until September 2016 !!

This program allows you to acquire the equipment you need now through a finance program with no
monthly payments until September 5th, 2016.


This is a “finance to own” program that allows you to take depreciation on the equipment you acquire on
your current year tax return.

Amount Financed: $5,000
Finance Program: 60 months with no payments until September 2015
Security Deposit equal to one month’s payment due at signing.(This deposit can be applied toward the final payment, or will be refunded when this program is paid in full).

June 2016: $0.00
July 2016: $0.00
August 2016: $0.00
September 2016 – August 2021: $118.25 per month

This program will conserve cash, preserve lines of credit, and allows you to acquire the
productive equipment without a large down payment.

We are the only lighting company online to offer this flexible and creative arrangement to our business clients. Call Steve now for more information: 844.533.7767