Energy Savings of 66% with LED Cooler Door Lights

Supermarkets and convenience stores operating 24 hours a day may have energy savings of 66% with LED cooler door lights by replacing outdated, inefficient T12 fluorescent tubes in refrigerated and freezer cases with the very efficient LED refrigerated display case lighting.

In conjunction with occupancy sensors and LED dimming capabilities the new lighting system reduces the time the LED refrigerated display case lighting are at 100 percent light levels – moving from 24 hours a day to approximately 15 hours a day!

SimpleTube LEDs save energy by reducing the load on the compressors. For every light watt reduced in a frozen food case, the compressor works less hard.

Energy Savings of 66% with LED Cooler Door Lights


On a 5-door case, the additional energy savings from a reduced load on the compressor can reach 70 watts vs. T8 fluorescent; 134 watts vs. HO fluorescent; and 330 watts vs. VHO fluorescent.

Also significant maintenance savings are achieved as re-lamping cycles can extend beyond six years instead of the 2-year cycle time that is typically associated with T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes.



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