Electrical Fire Damages Grocery Stores

If you Google the words “Electrical Fire Damages Grocery Stores”, Google returns over 21,000,000 results. For the words “Electrical Fire Damages Convenience Stores”, the results are just over 1,400,000. In reading the articles, time after time, fire investigators determined the source of the fire to be near the “rear of the store” or from the walk in cooler or reach in cooler. 

To reduce the likelihood of walk in cooler electrical fires (assuming you have long ago replaced the old magnetic ballasts) replace the electronic ballasts at regular intervals. In addition, when replacing ballasts, remind your maintenance person or electrician to replace the lamp holders and sockets. Over time, lamp holders wear out and are known fire hazards.

Another consideration, is to eliminate the bulb, socket and ballast all together, by upgrading your old, energy inefficient fluorescent lamps to the new, energy efficient, long -life solid-state lighting, LED. An advanced, second-generation LED refrigerated case display lighting for walk in coolers, reach-in coolers and freezers are complete self-contained fixtures, no sockets or lamp holders, ballast free, with no remote power supply,  using direct 120 VAC input. 


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