Efficient Lighting Could Save US $9B Annually

Energy Efficiency – December 02, 2010

Phasing out energy-guzzling incandescent lighting for efficient alternatives could save the U.S. $9 billion a year and avoid roughly 45 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually. That’s the equivalent of removing 11 million vehicles from the road, or bypassing the need to build 26 medium-sized coal-fired plants.


Lighting Energy Use By Building Type
Energy Efficient Devices
Energy Efficient Devices






















Energy-efficient lighting also carries the potential to save $5.5 billion a year in China, where energy use from lighting accounts for roughly 12 percent of electricity consumption.

At a time when energy use in expected to soar in coming years, lighting represents an attractive piece of low-hanging fruit, while also offering the potential for generating billions of dollars in savings and reducing the world’s hefty carbon footprint. Up to 70 percent of lighting sales are made up of inefficient incandescent lamps, according to the U.N.

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