eCube reduces refrigeration costs by 33% for the Hospitality, Food and Beverage industry

First printed; September 3 2009

A new device that can reduce energy consumption in the commercial refrigeration field by as much as 33 per cent has been introduced onto the Irish market.The eCube claims to be a green solution for the Hospitality, Food and Beverage industries’ energy bills.

Invented by engineers in the UK and patented globally, the eCube has been widely tested by independent organisations and can reduce energy consumption by up to 33 per cent, states the company.

“This simple cube with its patented core substance is a revolution in refrigeration,” according to the product’s distributors here, One Call Maintenance. Easily fitted onto a thermostat sensor, it changes how fridges and freezers work by mimicking food. Rather than responding to fluctuating air temperature, the eCube makes refrigeration units read food temperature only.

Refrigeration units work in a series of cycles, monitoring air temperature in order to decide when to switch on and off. But air temperature rises faster than the temperature of food, so refrigeration units work harder than necessary, explains One Call Maintenance’s Director Christian Sheridan.

“Fit an eCube and refrigeration cycles are less frequent and last longer while food temperature is kept constant,” he says, “The results are lower electricity bills, lower operating costs, reduced CO2 emissions, a longer lifespan for equipment and less noise pollution. “The eCube is being installed, with superb results, in leading hotels, supermarkets and breweries worldwide. “eCube is a unique product that solves a very significant economic and environmental problem,” he concludes.

Simon Pearson, Chief Engineer for the Radisson SAS Hotels Group has used the device.“During the trial we fitted one unit to a walk-in cold room and one unit to an upright fridge,” he commented, “… We monitored the kWh consumption for one week with the unit fitted and one week without, we found that we were showing a nine per cent reduction in electrical consumption week-on-week. Following the trial I have had a 84 eCube devices fitted to various refrigeration units at both the above properties. Year-on-year savings on electrical consumption have been 18 per cent. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to any hotel as a cost-effective way to reduce electrical consumption and also prolong the working life of their equipment.”

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