eCube Pilot Results for a Major Retailer

In September 2011, eCube and Green Energy Solutions, Inc conducted a pilot test on various refrigerated and freezer cases in a major retail store. The location chosen was a well established Los Angeles area store. This major retailer is engaging in several energy savings programs from lighting to solar to commercial refrigeration and was very interested in seeing how eCube performed.

Here is a brief summary;

Pilot Goals

1. Confirm Energy savings on Walk in Cooler, Walk in Freezer, Victory Unit, and Cold Case Display

2. Confirm Maintenance Savings on Walk in Cooler, Walk in Freezer, Victory Unit, and Cold Case Display

3. Confirm payback period for rollout


Pilot Process

1. Install loggers on designated units

2. Monitor for 3 Days without eCube®

3. Install eCube®, monitor for additional 3 Days

4. Compare results


Energy Savings: Walk in Cooler

– 21,196.7 Annualized kWh before eCube®

– 16,333.2 Annualized kWh after eCube®

– 22.95% Energy Savings

Mechanical Savings: Walk in Cooler

– 229 Compressor cycles before eCube®

– 118 Compressor cycles after eCube®

– 48.48% reduction in mechanical shock


Energy Savings: Walk in Freezer

– 27,737.9 Annualized kWh before eCube®

– 16,217.1 Annualized kWh after eCube®

– 41.54% Energy Savings


 Mechanical Savings: Walk in Freezer

– 270 Compressor cycles before eCube®

– 119 Compressor cycles after eCube®

– 55.93% reduction in mechanical shock

Energy Savings: Victory Unit

– 13,405.8 Annualized kWh before eCube®

– 11,523.9 Annualized kWh after eCube®

– 14.04% Energy Savings


 Mechanical Savings: Victory Unit

– 824 Compressor cycles before eCube®

– 694 Compressor cycles after eCube®

– 15.78% reduction in mechanical shock

Energy Savings: Cold Case Display

– 10,375.7 Annualized kWh before eCube®

– 8,728 Annualized kWh after eCube®

– 15.88% Energy Savings



Energy Savings

•56,856 kWh/year

•$6,697 per year in electricity savings

•Eliminates 35 tons of CO2 annually


Mechanical Savings

•40% less mechanical shock

•$200/year/unit savings

•$3,605 per year in savings


























Investment Summary

Energy Savings $6,697

Mechanical Savings $3,605

Total Annual Savings $10,302

eCube® Investment $8,982

IRR 114.70%

Payback Months 10.5




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