Denver Based Company Helps to Revolutionize Refrigeration

DENVER– Green Energy Solutions, Inc., has a product that is a refrigeration efficiency control device that monitors food temperature rather than air temperature to increase food safety and reduce energy consumption.

The eCube® will be installed at Bell Aquaculture’s preparation, packaging, and holding facilities. Refrigeration experts state that it will reduce electrical consumption and extend equipment life significantly, creating a return on investment of under two years.  Green Energy Solutions president, Tim Otto, says the eCube® will save more than 35,000 kilowatt hours and at least $2,000 a year at the Bell Aquaculture facility, paying for itself in less than 20 months.

Otto is working with Bell Aquaculture staff to further reduce the company’s energy consumption through the use of energy efficient lighting and exterior lighting.

“Our goal is to implement cost effective strategies with a return on investment of 3 years or less to reduce utility costs and more importantly, to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment,” Otto says.

Green Energy Solutions Inc has partnered with eCube® Solutions, LLC. to implement the eCube® system in facilities across the country in 2011.



March 10, 2010

Albany, IN



Tim Otto


Green Energy Solutions, Inc.


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