In 2010, eCube, the energy saving commercial refrigeration device, was involved in several pilot programs and data collections to record the  energy savings by installing eCube in real world applications.


The eCube pilot program yielded results in the advertised range of 10% to 30% for energy savings and a reduction in compressor cycles of 81%.The eCube reduced the annual kWh by 2969 which should result in a savings of approximately $326 per year and a reduction of 5088 pounds of CO2 on an annual basis.

If you include the savings to the compressor equipment due to the reduction of cycles by a phenominal 81% you add $203.17 to the overall annual savings which brings the total energy and equipment savings to $529.72 with an estimated ROI of 6.4 months. All savings are subject to monthly weather conditions and proper equipment maintenance.

Final Results

The eCube pilot program resulted in:

 10% reduction in electricity consumption

 81% reduction in compressor starts/stops

 Annual reduction of 5088 lbs of CO2


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