Efficient  LED cooler lights are the best solution for replacing inefficient T-12 lamps in your supermarket, convenience store, gas station, walk-in coolers. And the SimpleTube LED cooler door light is the best LED cooler lights!

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Cooler Lights



LED cooler lights are designed to replace shorter life and higher maintenance products like Fluorescent lights in refrigerated displays and freezer displays. It’s an industry first, using direct 120 VAC input eliminating the need for a bulky power supply.

LED cooler lights have a lower rated wattage than T12 or T8 fluorescent bulbs and with no heat generated from the LEDs or ballast, your compressor will cycle on and off less frequently. Resulting in immediate energy savings and over time, extending the life of your compressor.

High efficiency LED cooler lights require only a fraction of the carbon output generated by traditional light sources. LEDs also contain no lead and are mercury-free. With advanced LED cooler lights there are no ballasts or remote drivers needing constant replacement. 

This ballast-free lamp has a patented internal driver which makes it remote power supply free. installation? as easy as connecting speaker wires.

 Product Features

  • Retrofit for fluorescent lamp 1~6 feet.
  • Energy efficient & long life.
  • Input power: 120VAC (230VAC available).
  • Ballast-free, remote power supply-free.
  • User-friendly installation.
  • No mercury.
  • CRI: > 80
Application Features 
  • Freezer case display lighting.
  • Commercial refrigeration lighting.
  • Under cabinet lighting. 
  • Display box lighting. 
  • Indoor illumination.

SimpleTube LED Cooler Door Lights spec sheet

LED cooler lights and LED T8 Tubes save you energy and maintenance costs and displays your merchandise in a visually appealing manner that has been found to increase sales.


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