ARC Tech Pro Testimonials

ARC Tech Pro Energy Efficiency and Surge Protection will reduce monthly electricity costs by 5-10% from the day it’s installed, the ARC-TECH PRO reduces kilowatt usage while protecting all electronics and appliances in your home from electrical surges. The ARC Tech Pro Single Family energy efficiency and surge protection device comes with a Lifetime $75,000 Connected Equipment Warranty and a 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Easy installation at the circuit breaker panel requires one 20 amp breaker  

I am not sure how, but it works; Pros: lower electric bill; Cons: none

“I must admit, when I first heard about this product I was skeptical. However, I own an older house that is not energy efficient and I am willing to try just about anything that will reduce my outrageous electric bill. Let me say that after having this product for two months, I am now a believer. My electricity bill is significantly lower over the same period last year. My savings means this product will pay for itself in only 3-4 months of use. Excellent.”

Safety and Savings! “With 4 flat screens, stereos and assorted other electronics, the surge protection feature of the Arc-Tech Pro was enough to sell me on the product. Installation was easy and product looks appealing. Icing on the cake is the savings on my electricity bill. Unit will easily pay for itself over just a few months.”

THIS MAKES A GREAT HOUSEWARMING PRESENT; Pros: great cost savings; “I have recently installed 2 of the arc tech pros on my home. Not only am I saving electricity, having my complete house protected from surge is worth ever penny I spent!!! I am ordering one for my office and my sisters house. Great gift!!”

So Glad I Bought; Pros: all TVs are protected, lower bills; “I have two flat screen TVs and I purchased this just to protect them from any surges since I live in an area with a lot of thunderstorms. When I got my first bill after installing the unit and to see I saved money, that was an added bonus in my book.”

Great product; Pros: best energy conservation step; “Unbelievable! Saved me over 10% of my utility bill and protected my flat screen TV and Sound System from lightening and power surges. Peace of mind, at last.

Price is great!” Works Very Well; Pros: immediate electricity savings; “My husband purchased an ARC-TECH PRO Single Family and we noticed an immediate savings on our electric bill. This is truly an easy way to save money and help save natural resources. Our family is always looking for ways to conserve and this product is an absolute winner.”