ARC Tech Pro Saves Energy

Looking to save 10% on your energy bill and protect your appliances and electronic components? The ARC Tech Pro saves energy.

Start saving money spent on electric utility bills immediately upon installing the ARC Tech Pro for residential. This unique device installs on the main service panel on new or existing homes,condominiums and apartments. The ARC Tech Pro is designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce utility costs and protect valuable electronics and appliances from power line surges

The ARC Tech Pro saves energy and will reduce demand at the meter by reducing lost and wasted power and the device reduces maintenance costs and increases equipment life by reducing heat around the motor and wiring

ARC-Tech Pro energy-efficient devices reduce line loss and heat by reducing the amount of current flowing to induction motors in your residence.

ARC-Tech Pro = Amp Reduction + Energy Efficiency + Surge Protection


  • Energy Efficiency (5-10% Utility Bill Savings)ARC Tech Pro Saves Energy
  • Savings are immediate
  • ROI average is 12 months or less
  • State-of-the-art Surge Protection w/
  • Lifetime $75,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
  • Advanced Reactive Capacitance Technology (ARC-TECH)
  • AC Power Productivity Improvement
  • AC Circuit Protection for Entire Residences
  • Status Indication (Operating/Protection)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Design
  • Universally Connects to any Breaker Panel
  • Quick and Simple Installation
  • 5 Year Full Replacement Product Warranty
  • 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Assembled in the USA

ARC Tech Pro saves energy and is an affordable home energy efficiency device; energy efficiency through current and line loss reduction providing energy savings of 5%-10%; improved current quality before it reaches valuable electronics and appliances; motors run at cooler temps and last longer; installs at the main circuit breaker panel

The Technology Explained

ARC-Tech = Advanced Reactive Capacitance

The utilization of capacitors to supply current as they charge or discharge to lead the voltage and to offset an inductively reactive circuit where the voltage comes first.

What this means and what it does

  • Improves the Power Factor of the inductive load
  • Reduces the amps which are feeding inductive loads
  • Reduces the current flowing to inductive loads
  • Directly reduces utility costs that are billed in KVA
  • Indirectly reduces utility costs that are billed in KWH
  • This reduction of KWH is due to the improved line loss as a result of reduced current
  • Available for European version outlets