Explosion proof lighting (also known as hazardous area lighting, hazardous location lighting and safe lights) have a hazardous area certification to provide efficient lighting for areas exposed to hazardous vapors, gases or dust. LED Explosion Proof Lighting are UL certified and OSHA compliant to provide safe lighting in locations exposed to hazardous atmospheres and dusts, as well as reliable operation in dirty, damp and corrosive locations.

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LED explosion proof lights are UL rated Class 1 Division 1 and Division 2 lights for use in hazardous areas such as aviation paint hangars, paint booths, chemical, petro-chemical plants, refineries, powder coat booths, coal mines, petroleum tank truck loading & unloading at bulk terminals and in tank truck unloading at storage facilities etc, 

Explosion Proof Lighting

Explosion Proof Lighting

Hazardous Area LED High Bay Explosion proof lighting

Designed to efficiently light hazardous applications such as chemical, petrochemical, marine and power generation plants. For Indoor and Outdoor Hazardous Locations. 

This powerful LED high bay can also be used as a floodlight. Replaces a 400w HID or HPS

Explosion proof lighting

SafeSite® LED Linear Fixture Class I, Div. 2 Explosion proof lighting

replaces HID and fluorescent lighting fixtures in industrial applications and hazardous location applications.

The SafeSite LED Linear fixture’s rugged solid state design makes it highly resistant to shock and vibration. Its fully gasketed IP 66 rated enclosure makes it suitable for dust & wet locations, its 1598A rating guarantees added protection from salt water spray.

Explosion proof lighting

SafeSite® LED Area Light Class 1, Div. 1 & 2 Explosion proof lighting

The SafeSite® LED area light saves at least 50% energy compared to traditional HID light sources, while reducing maintenance and carbon emissions in Class I, Div 2 applications. This light incorporates both cutting edge LED technology along with proprietary optics to achieve area lighting comparable with other traditional light sources.

Whether your application is in a refinery, oil platform, chemical plant or any other Class I, Div 2 application, the LED area light offers long life and requires minimal maintenance, improving safety and reliability

Explosion Proof Lighting

SafeSite High Bay LED High Bay Dialight HBD2C4M Explosion proof lighting

featuring 10500 lumens, 146 Watts, 100-277V AC, Cool White, Clear Polycarbonate lens, [CID2, CIID2, CIIID1, CIIID2]. Ideal for fuel tank truck loading & unloading at bulk terminals and in tank truck unloading at fuel storage facilities

Explosion Proof Lighting

LED Explosion Proof Lighting Applications; Oil, Gas & Petrochemical, Power Generation, Mining, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Water & Sewage, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Cold Storage


LED Explosion proof lighting sets the standard for explosion proof solid state lighting for onshore and offshore drilling rigs, refineries, chemical plants, wastewater treatment facilities, paint booths, and other areas requiring illumination plus protection from explosive gases and compounds, extreme temperatures, corrosive elements, and other severe and hazardous location challenges. These versatile Explosion proof lighting fixtures are also approved for use in areas where salt water spray and corrosive chemicals are present


Durosite Explosion Proof Lighting High Bay Mounting Chart

Lumens Wattage lm/w Mounting
25,000 270 90 24m
17,500 172 102  
14,500 153 95  
12,000 146 82  
10,000 137 73  
8,500 123 69 5m



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