Commercial Refrigeration and eCube

Update May 2013:

eCube renamed eTemp with significant improvements. visit the website here

eCube: Saving the World, One Refrigeration Unit at a Time; An Interview with Raj Patel, CEO and Cardie Sanders of eCube Solutions: Reprint

eCube  an Energy-Saving Device for Commercial Refrigerators

May, 2010

Recent studies estimate refrigeration accounts for up to 20% of global CO2 emissions. eCube, an energy saving device is a product designed to specifically tackle this problem.

Raj Patel: eCube is a retrofit device for commercial refrigeration capable of accurately mimicking food and beverage thermal properties and thereby significantly reducing the frequency of refrigeration cycles. eCube makes commercial refrigeration more efficient, which results in cost savings, improves product life span, helps mitigate food liability risk and reduces carbon emissions. eCube is a little black box that fits right on top of your cooler’s air probe and can be self installed in as little as five minutes. Customers experience cost savings from day one.

FSDN: Who is your target audience/demographic?

RP: Any business that uses commercial refrigeration units will benefit from the use of eCube. For example restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, florists, schools, food distributors, cruise ships, stadiums and arenas, beverage distributors, etc.

FSDN: How long have you been in operation?

RP: eCube has been around since 2008.

FSDN: Why would I buy your product? / How will my business benefit from using your product?

RP: First and foremost the eCube reduces a business’ refrigeration energy consumption by up to 30% resulting in a substantial cost savings. It also reduces compressor start/stop cycles by up to 80% resulting in a considerable increase in the lifespan of commercial refrigeration units. For example, if your walk-in cooler shuts on and off 50% less, the life span of that equipment has just doubled. This means lower maintenance and repair expense as well. Another important benefit of the eCube product, for restaurant owners in particular is that eCube is a better way of assuring food temperature accuracy and consistency. In fact eCube was originally developed to mitigate food spoilage and many food and health inspectors recommend the use of the eCube product.

The eCube product installs in less than five minutes, has a five year warranty and a sixty day money back guarantee. A business owner can expect a return on their investment between six to eighteen months. At an MSRP of $499.99 per unit, it is a minor investment with a major return!!!!

But the most important reason to purchase an eCube is the ability of your business to reduce its carbon footprint and help the environment!!!

FSDN: What makes your product the best?

RP: Simple to use, no mechanical or electrical parts to break and pays for itself in 6-18 months.

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